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Dear Valued Reader,

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh.

It is with much gratitude and respect that we thank you for your loyal patronage. Sikh Comics has always thrived upon the love and interest of its wide readership. You are the driving force behind the release of numerous books, and the reason for the creation of many more. It is an honor to serve you as well as glorify our rich Sikh religion and history.

As you know Sikh Comics is a project that strives to impart Sikh knowledge and values to people all across the world. However, it is also a medium of reaching out to many school children studying in the rural areas of Punjab and other parts of India. It is our humble request that you join us in our endeavor to provide these children with books from our collection. Not only will this help them learn about the Sikh culture, but it will also provide them with an opportunity to possess books that are otherwise out of their own reach.

You will be able to see the schools that receive the books from your donations at this link. This link also contains a list of schools where the books can be donated. If you wish, you may choose a school(s), and we’ll deliver the books along with your blessings.

Set of 10 books: USD $12
Set of 20 books: USD $24
Set of 30 books: USD $36

We look forward to your help and support for this gracious cause. May Waheguru bestow his grace upon you and your family.

Yours faithfully,

Daljeet Singh Sidhu